PLEASE NOTE due to covid, shipping times are slightly longer than normal. Please allow extra time for you order to process!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally through our network of manufacturers.


Where is my shipping information?

When your order is placed, we receive the information and it is automatically sent to the closest manufacture to your location and or our warehouse. Shipping times will be calculated from when the item is produced, not when the item is ordered.


Why does my shirt smell weird?

This is due to the printing process. Do not fret, it is only a vinegar solution spray that helps the ink adhere to the shirt.


How do I keep my shirt from fading?

When you wash your shirt, make sure you use delicate settings and ALWAYS turn the shirt inside out. This will help hold the art on the shirt.


My order came in wrong? What should I do?

Please send an email to info@shopteatime.com with your order number and what is incorrect about your order and we will get you the right order. We also require a photo so that we can show the manufacturer what went wrong. This includes wrong sizes, damaged products, wrong items, etc.


What garments do you use?

We mainly use Bella + Canvas, American Apparel & Gilden products due to their quality for POD. Each product is labeled with the blank's information so please read the notes on each garment. *Please note that if the blank you order is out of stock it will be replaced with a similar product to ensure you get your product on time.


Where do your products ship from?

We work with a large global network of printers and manufacturers that help us process and produce your orders. The facility that is located closest to your address will produce and manufacture your product unless it is a specialty, in house item, which will ship from our Nashville location.